Art of Failure Analysis

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Art of Failure Analysis

The “Art of FA” Photo Contest is a unique event of the IPFA conference. It showcases Failure Analysis results with striking resemblance to real life occurrences. Failure Analysis Engineers could find amusement in their work and also win attractive prizes.

For IPFA 2018, we received a total of 33 entries. 10 entries were shortlisted by the Organizing Committee and will be displayed on a screen in the exhibition hall for all participants to vote (via mobile app) for the top 3 photos.

Those whose photos have been shortlisted must be at the IPFA 2018 Closing Ceremony to receive the prize. The submitter of the top 10 photos will each receive a certificate and the top 3 will receive a certificate and the following cash prize:

1st Prize: S$300
2nd Prize: S$200
3rd Prize: S$100

Rules and Regulations
  1. To participate in the contests, you need to register for 2018 IPFA. Incomplete submission or wrong formats will be disqualified.
  2. Each contestant is entitled to one submission. Multiple submissions by the same contestant are discouraged.
  3. The image may be obtained using any failure analysis technique and should be in its original form.  It must not be digitally altered by a graphic software.
  4. The image must not contain any embedded information and must be in its original resolution. The image size shall not exceed 10 MB. A suitable title/name and a short description (not exceeding 50 words) must accompany the image submitted.
  5. The main judging criterion would be the aesthetic aspect of the image rather than its technical quality to be in line with the theme of the contest. Nevertheless, the image must be related to failure analysis.
  6. The contestant is responsible for obtaining, from the relevant authority, the permission or agreement needed for the disclosure of the image. IPFA shall assume that upon the submission of a particular image, such clearance would have already been obtained.
  7. IPFA will have the right to exhibit, reproduce and distribute in any or all of the entries. The entries will not be returned to the submitters. If you agree with the terms, you may upload your photo above.
  1. Submission must be made online. Other forms of submission will not be entertained.
  2. Deadline for photo contest: 30 April 2018


Thank you for your interest in submitting the Arts of FA. However, the submission deadline is over. We hope to have your continuous support in the future!