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Paper Submission

Your Final Manuscript must be prepared using the IPFA 2018 final manuscript template and should be IEEE Xplore-compatible.

All submitted final manuscript should be between 4 -6 pages (A4 size, two columns format, single line spacing, size 10 Times Roman font), including figures, tables and references using the IPFA 2018 final manuscript template.

You can EITHER:

  • Click here to convert your source file(s) to IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF or check whether your PDF file is IEEE Xplore-compatible, the Conference ID is 37650XP.
  • You can refer to the PDF Specification for IEEE Xplore for guidance on how to make your PDF file IEEE Xplore compatible.

The electronic version of Copyright Transfer Form (eCF) can only be submitted to IEEE after receiving our notification informing you that you can submit your eCF. If you have make changes to your final manuscript, it is not necessarily to re-submit another eCF.

Prepare Electronic Copyright Transfer Form (eCF).

If the paper is not presented at the conference, the IPFA 2018 Organizing Committee / IEEE reserves the right to exclude the paper from distribution after the conference. Papers excluded will be archived at IEEE but will not be indexed nor appeared in IEEE Xplore.