Dr. Frank Huang Weidong

Weidong Huang (Frank) is currently working as a Director of Device Analysis Engineering in Microsoft China leading the Materials and Physical Analysis Team, which support Microsoft Hardware Products. He has 17 years of work experience in electronic device and semiconductor field with specializing in Materials and Physical analysis, as well as Reliability test. He worked as key organizer and Exhibition Chairman of IPFA 2009 in Suzhou, also as Vice Technical Chair of IPFA 2013 in Suzhou. His education background is Solid State Physics and Materials Science, especially in Advanced Applied Materials and Electronic Packaging materials, with Ph. D degree from Chinese Academy of Science.

Invited Talk Topic: Analysis of a Novel Failure Mode for Wide Gamut wLED Back-light Module

It is always a challenge for system supplier to investigate root cause failure analysis on sub-system or component level issues. In this talk the failure analysis on a white LED back-light module in a portable computer deviceĀ  was studied as an example to compare the different FA mindset and results from system supplier and component supplier. Failure mechanism, FA cooperation work model, root cause and lesson leant also discussed.