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Call for Exhibition

Dear Partners,

We have been living in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic for more than 2 years, a period that witnessed the evolution of how we work, socialize and network.

For our semiconductor industry, it has emerged stronger and is getting more competitive after the Covid-19 crisis. Demand for chips continues to escalate and technology leaders’ relentless race to rollout 5G communications, EVs, autonomous driving, edge computing … further reaffirm the need for us to innovate fast- new failure analysis methods, more effective product test diagnostics, novel device reliability , machine learning leverage, to enhance effectiveness and efficiency. IPFA plays a pivotal role to facilitate the exchange of new findings and ideas.

In 2021, IPFA had come under huge pressure due to restrictions to hold a virtual conference. However, we recognize that the opportunity to meet people and interact with friends and colleagues in our community is important for an effective technical exchange. At the same time, not to forget our friends who are still unable to travel due to restrictions. Therefore, after navigating for a year and based on our survey outcome, we have decided that IPFA 2022 will be a hybrid event. This, you might already know from our Call for Papers.

With a healthy paper submission outlook, we are now ready for our call for exhibitions/sponsorships. We hope that you can support the community by showcasing your technologies at the event.

The details of different packages are shown below. For booking, please click the following link


We value your participation and support to IPFA.

Thank you.


Szu Huat, Goh

IPFA 2022 Exhibition Chair