List of Accepted Papers

Title Authors
Logo Detection and Localization for IC Authentication, Marking Recognition, and Counterfeit Detection Mukhil Azhagan Mallaiyan Sathiaseelan, Manoj Yasaswi Vutukuru, Olivia P. Paradis, Mark Tehranipoor, Navid Asadi and David Crandall
TEM sample preparation for the suspended structure with deep cavity Irene Tee and Jie Zhu
Use of energy filtered TEM to observe gate oxide breakdown defects Ye Chen and JIE ZHU
Failure Analysis for SIP IC after TC reliability test Bardon Cui
Failure Analysis for SIP IC EOS fail Bardon Cui
Case Study For STI-LDNMOS Burned During HCI Stress to Passing Reliability Specifications WeiCheng Chu, Bo-An Tsai, Hiroshi Yoshida, Yi-Heng Chen and Yung-Lung Hsu
Novel Submicron Spatial Resolution Infrared Microspectroscopy for Failure Analysis of Semiconductor Components Syahirah Mohammad-Zulkifli, Bernice Mei Lin Zee and Michael K. F. Lo
Novel Approach to Display Failure on OLED Display Device Hoseok Song
Interfacial Adhesion Strength of Group IV-VI Thin Film Deposited on Silicon Nitride Xintong Zhu, Ramesh Rao Nistala and Zhi Qiang Mo
The Application of 2nd Harmonic Laser Voltage Imaging for Timing Failure, Re-Thinning Techniques for Effective Dislocation Identification shih yuan liu
Site-Specific 2D carrier profiling in Si devices by Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy (SSRM) Wei-ting Kuo
GaAs RF Amplifier Field Failure Analysis and Reliability Prediction in 5G AAU System Lin Shi
Cs+ Reactive Sputter Depth Profile for Ultrathin Metal/Metal-Oxide Composite Film Stack Han Wei Teo, Yun Wang, Kian Kok Ong, Ramesh Rao Nistala and Zhi Qiang Mo
Inspection methodologies and machine learning approaches on defectivity data in semiconductor industry for automotive applications: case study for field failure prevention Corinne BERGES
Reliability of Power Devices with Copper Wire Bond Ton Pinili and Jeffrey Gambino
Analysis and Modeling for Reverse Body Bias Stress Impact on HCI Induced Degradation in n-Type EDMOS Miao Cai, Sern EE LEANG, KokWai CHEW, PeeYa TAN, ALOYSIUS PRIARTANTO HERLAMBANG, Chunxiang Zhu and Yongxin Guo
Characterization of Oxide Layers on AlGaN Based DUV LEDs by TEM/STEM Analysis Jong-shing Bow, Jay Wang, Wei-Chih Lai, Tien yu Wang, Syuan-Yu Sie, Sheng-Po Chang, Jinn-Kong Sheu and Cheng Huang Kuo
A Study on AlCu with ALPS Al and Glue layer on Electromigration LIN HUI
Malfunction in Analog High Definition Chip on PCB Caused by Progressive Soft–Over-stress induced Internal Circuit Failure Hyeokjae Lee
Statistical Study of Electromigration in Gold Interconnects Hajdin Ceric, Roberto Lacerda de Orio and Siegfried Selberherr
The Failure Mechanism of the Guard-Rings in Two Different Power Domains during the Latch-Up Test Jian-Hsing Lee
Comprehensive Investigation of the Switching Stability in SiC and GaN Power Devices Shun-Wei Tang, Chao-Ta Fan, Ming-Cheng Lin and Tian-Li Wu
Chemical vapour deposited h-BN: how far are we from exfoliated quality? Yue Yuan, Chao Wen, Fei Hui, Wenwen Zheng, Xu Jing and Mario Lanza
In situ transmission electron microscope study of reliability in molybdenum disulfide based strain sensors Chen Luo, Chaolun Wang, Shuo Ma, Fang Liang, Zewei Luo, Xing Wu and Junhao Chu
EBIC Application in Finding Particle Defects Lai-Seng Yeoh
Studies of Passivation (Si3N4SiO2) Qualification Method in Wafer Fabrication Lois Liao
Characterization analysis of aluminum pad discoloration and ions contamination monitor of wafer storage environment Ching-Wen Su, Ray Tu, Wen-Fei Hsieh, Henry Lin, Vincent Chen, Irene Ou and YS Lou
Interconnection Reliability on FinFET Devices Xin Yang, Yongkang Xue, Zuoyuan Dong, Chaoluo Wang, Zhigang Ji, Chihang Tsai, Yongren Wu, Weisong Yu, Runsheng Wang and Xing Wu
High-Voltage a-IGZO Thin Film Transistor with the Symmetrical Stair Gate-Dielectric Structure Guangan Yang, Wangran Wu, Hao Tian, Zuoxu Yu and Weifeng Sun
Research on the factors affecting warpage of the light guide plate in the process of reliability Jiantong Shang
Reduction of FIB induced damage in silicon with Argon sputter clean Kim Hong Yip, Poh Chuan Ang, Kwai Fun Lee, Yong Kiow Yeo and Zhi Qiang Mo
LADA methodologies to localize embedded memory failure Boonlian Yeoh, Man Hon Thor, Lee Xiang Gan, Yin Hong Chan and Szu Huat Goh
Recorvery Behaviors of Hot Carrier Degradation by Gate Induced Drain Leakage in Si p-FinFETs Hao Chang, Qianqian Liu, Longda Zhou, Hong Yang, Zhigang Ji, Huaxiang Yin, Anyan Du, Junfeng Li, Jun Luo and Wenwu Wang
Chlorine and sulfur effects on copper bonding wire reliability Lois Liao
Method Detection with Image Classification in Failure Analysis Selene E. Lobnig, Christian Burmer and Konstantin Schekotihin
Gate oxide TDDB reliability under various stress in sub-16nm FinFET technology Liu Xiangyu
PinPoint: An SMD Pin Localization Method Nathan Jessurun, Jacob Harrison, Mark M. Tehranipoor and Navid Asadi
Deep Dive into Systemic Secondary EOS Damage caused by a Process-Related Issue Saidaliah Sarip, Jed Paolo Deligente, Tejinder Gandhi, John Carlo Francisco, Jonathan Azares and Che-Ping Chen
Combining Enhanced Diagnostic-Driven Analysis Scheme and Static Near Infrared Photon Emission Microscopy for Effective Scan Failure Debug Seungje Moon, Dayanand Nagalingam, Ngow Yee Ta and A.C.T. Quah
Design and Manufacturing of GaAs Aspherical SILs Ikuo Arata, Hirotoshi Terada, Dries Rosseel, Michael Vervaeke and Hugo Thienpont
A novel method combining laser ablation and chemical etch to expose packaged silicon backside for electrical fault isolation Siong Luong Ting, Pik Kee Tan, Seungje Moon, Jerome Cuevas Alag, Yanlin Pan, Hnin Hnin Win Thoungh, Tin Tin Yu, Kevin Kang, A.C.T. Quah and Changqing Chen
Application of Cross-Section EBIC to Localize Junction Anomaly Fransiscus Rivai, Siong Luong Ting, Peng Tiong NG, Angela Teo, A.C.T. Quah, Pik Kee Tan and Changqing Chen
Enhanced EBAC Detection on Gate Oxide Breakdown Isolation after High Voltage Electron Beam Irradiation Peng Tiong NG, Fransiscus Rivai, A.C.T. Quah, Pik Kee Tan, Changqing Chen and Jerome Cuevas Alag
Multi-Physics Simulation-Based Prognosis of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles-Embedded Solar Cell Allah Rakhio Junejo, Hyunseung Ryu, Nagarajan Raghavan, Sanghoon Kim and Jaehyeok Doh
Flip Chip Typical Failure Case Analysis Research Jun Han and Zhidan He
Nanoscale Conductivity Mapping: Live Imaging of Dielectric Breakdown with STEM EBIC William Hubbard, Jared J. Lodico, Ho Leung Chan, Matthew Mecklenburg and B. C. Regan
Photon Emission Microscopy of Amorphous HfO2 ReRAM Cells FRANCO STELLARI, Leonidas E. Ocola, Ernest Y. Wu, Takashi Ando and Peilin Song
Failures of Ag Wire Bonding ICs in Real World Applications Xuanlong Chen, Xiaping Xie, Min Wang and Yongjia Ruan
Reliability study of hydrogel-based flexible supercapacitor Yuchong Qiao, Xinyue Wu, Chaolun Wang, Z.B. Li and Xing Wu
Fault Localization of Temperature-Dependent Digital Circuit Functional Failures utilizing the Scan-based Bench Testing and the Dynamic Analysis by Laser Simulation (DALS) Edward Bryan Tan Pineda
SiC/SiO2 interface traps effect on SiC MOSFETs Gate capacitance with biased Drain Ilaria Matacena, Luca Maresca, Michele Riccio, Andrea Irace, Giovanni Breglio, Alberto Castellazzi and Santolo Daliento
Uncovering the True Defect Behind an Ambiguous Distinct PEM Hotspot Through Micro-Probing and FIB Circuit Edit-PVC Analysis NIÑO JEROME LAGATIC, Jerald Sacdalan Santos and Jonelle Caralde Mananguit
Atomic Force Probing and Focus Exposure Matrix Analysis to Resolve High Leakage Current Failure on SRAM Teck leong Wee, Sally Chwa, Fransiscus Rivai, Pik Kee Tan, A.C.T. Quah, Handoko Lindwih, Peng Tiong NG and Hnin Hnin Win Thoungh Ma
AI Detection of Body Defects and Corrosion on Leads in Electronic Components, and a study of their Occurrence Eyal Weiss
Internal Power Net Defect Localization Via Holistic Fault Isolation With FIB Edit Pico Probe Kok Heng Lau, Chiun Ning Liew, Lay Lay Goh, Siew Ming Lim and Jack Yi Jie Ng
VTH & Gm, max Instability Analysis of the Multiple GaN Chips based Cascode Power Module SURYA ELANGOVAN, Stone Cheng, Jia-Hao Yao and Edward Yi Chang
Supervised Image Retrieval and Ranking Technique for Lock-in Thermography Images Rui Zhen Tan, Neelakantam Venkatarayalu, Indriyati Atmosukarto, A. B. Premkumar, Tict Eng Teh, Kyu Kyu Thinn and Ming Xue
Degradation Behavior and Analysis of GaN HEMTs Under High Power Microwave Pulse zhang shuo, liu lei, chen yiqiang, li zhijian, wu zhaohui and li bin
High-Voltage Electrostatic Discharge Protection Device development in 28nm BCDLite Technology Prantik Mahajan, Vishal Ganesan, Nandha Kumar Subramani, Ruchil Jain, Souvick Mitra and Robert Gauthier
From System to Package to Interconnect: An Artificial Intelligence Powered 3D X-ray Imaging Solution for Semiconductor Package Structural Analysis and Correlative Microscopic Failure Analysis Allen Gu, Masako Terada, Heiko Stegmann, Thomas Rodgers, Chao Fu and Yanjing Yang
Failure analysis on MIMCAP failures of 10nm devices using phase angle measurement method khoo li, goh lay lay, ng yi jie, lau kok heng, liew chiun ning and lim siew ming
Investigation on Board-level CDM in SSD Products and Replication of Line ESD Phenomena Jungho Jin
A Correlative Analysis Flow for Electrical and Structural Characterization of IGZO Transistors Lorenzo Magnarin, Marta Agati, Attilio Belmonte, Subhali Subhechha, Nouredine Rassoul, Chris Drijbooms, Harold Dekkers and Umberto Celano
Effective Defect Localization for Scan ATPG Failure through Layout Aware Analysis Jack Yi Jie Ng, Kok Heng Lau, Chiun Ning Liew, Lay Lay Goh, Chia Li Song and Lee Kean Yong
Effective Backend Defect Localization by Destructive Fault Isolation Siew Ming Lim and Jack Yi Jie Ng
A scalable & comprehensive resilience concept against optical & physical IC back side attacks Norbert Herfurth, Elham Amini, Christian Boit, Jean-Pierre Seifert and Marco Lisker
Optimizing EBAC / EBIRCH analysis in 5 nm technology Greg Johnson
BEoL Stack Robustness Evaluation Utilizing Cu pillar Loading and FEM Modelling Jendrik Silomon, André Clausner and Ehrenfried Zschech
Defect Identification in Branched Traces by High-resolution Time-domain Reflectometry Shang Yang
Nanoprobing Technique using Additional Gate Biasing for Inaccessible Contact Structures David Zhu
Automated Multi class defect classification in Semiconductor devices using Deep Learning Networks Arya Sukumaran Nair, Peter Hoffrogge, Dr.Peter Czurratis, ,Dr.Elfgard Kuehnicke and Mario Wolf