Invited Speakers


Dr. Christian Hollerith

FA4.0 – Create Prerequisites and Applications for AI-Solutions in Innovative Tools of Failure Analysis

Infineon, Germany

The project FA4.0, which is running in the European EUREKA-funded Clusters EURIPIDES2 / PENTA, offers a comprising approach to foster Read More..

Dr. Liu Qing

PlasmaiFocused Ion Beam for Hardware Analysis: Sample Preparation

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

With the development of intelligence and the increase in chip market demand, the density of the chips is getting higher while fabrication technology Read More..

Dr. Shu Wei

Radiation-Induced Failures for Integrated Circuits in Space and Design Philosophy

Zero-Error Systems, Singapore

Reliability of Integrated Circuits (ICs) operating in space is extremely critical and however challenging. As repairs or replacement of electronics/ICs Read More..

Dr. Yan Li

Workflowsiand Challenges in 3D Package Failure Analysis

Intel Corporation, Arizona USA

The complex architecture and the high-level functional integration in 3D packages produce considerable challenges for Fault Isolation (FI) and Failure analysis (FA) methods. Non-destructive and high-resolution FI Read More..

Dustin Kendig

SubmicroniNanosecond Thermal Imaging using Thermoreflectance for Failure Analysis

Microsanj, USA

Shrinking feature sizes and transitions towards 3D packages and devices has significantly increased the difficulty for failure analysis Read More..

Jayant Dsouza

ChainoDiagnosis as a Tool for Yield Ramp in Advanced Process Nodes

Siemens EDA, USA

Scan chains form a critical part of the test structures on digital designs. Chain diagnosis is commonly used in early yield ramp to root cause process issues. Recent advancements in chain Read More..

Professor Christian Boit

TheiICiUltra-Thin Back Surface – A Field of Real Nanoscale Fault Isolation Opportunities Requiring A Skillful Sample Preparation

Technische Universitaet Berlin, Germany

The backside approach of contactless fault isolation (CFI) was comfortable as long as it could be carried out Read More..

Professor Fei Hui

Reliableomemristive switching in low-dimensional materials based nanomemristors

Zhengzhou University, China

With the shrinking of electronic devices, low-dimensional materials (e.g. 2D h-BN, 1D nanowires) have been utilized as a switching layer in memristive devices with a metal/insulator/metal Read More..

Professor Lee Pooi See

FlexibleoStretchable Conductors for Soft or Hybrid Electronics

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Stretchable electronics are expected to function under mechanical deformation that makes them attractive in healthcare technology, Read More..

Professor Martin Kuball

Ga2O3aandaGa2O3 – Diamond For Next Generation Power Electronics

University of Bristol, UK

Ga2O3, with its ultra-wide bandgap and melt-grown substrates, offers the potential for low-cost >1 kV electronics. However, numerous challenges need to be overcome, in particular Read More..