Dr. Grigore Moldovan

InisituiSEM Electrical Failure Analysis : Challenges and Workflow Optimization strategies for data processing (Part II)

Point Electronic GmbH, Germany

Density and complexity of VLSI circuits keep increasing. Read More..

Jayant Dsouza

AnoIntroduction to Scan Diagnosis and its Application in Failure Analysis, Defect Localization and Yield Analysis

Siemens EDA, USA

Scan testing is the defacto standard of testing digital devices during manufacturing. Scan diagnosis, leverages the DFT structures Read More..

Professor Christian Boit

RealiNanoscale Fault Isolation on ICs and 3D Systems – The Story of Ultrathin Silicon Back Surface With E Beam & Nano Probing and Preparation Opportunities

Technische Universitaet Berlin, Germany

The well established and over a long time very successful infra red Read More..

Professor Francesco Puglisi

DefectsiiniElectronics : From Reliability Physics to New Applications

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy

Notwithstanding the predictions about its end, Moore’s law, scaling, and miniaturization continue toward smaller technological nodes Read More..

Professor Konstantin Schekotihin

Applications of AI in Failure Analysis

University Klagenfurt, Austria

Detection and localization of failures in semiconductors is a tedious task that requires highly skilled professionals to perform various analysis tasks using different tools. Modern Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods Read More..

Professor Martin Kuball

ThermaliManagement Challenges in Semiconductor Technologies

University of Bristol, UK

Heat sinking is of ever increasing importance in semiconductor device technology. I will report on the latest advancements in thermal characterization techniques of devices Read More..

Professor Tan Cher Ming

Failureimechanisms and root cause analysis

Chang Gung University, Taiwan

Failure analysis is common to organization.  Most failure analysis stops at the identification of failure modes where defects or damages can be measured and seen through various electrical and microscopic tools.  Read More..

Professor Tian-Li Wu

Ferroelectric Device Reliability

National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU), Taiwan

Ferroelectric properties were first observed in Rochelle salt in 1912. Subsequently, since the discovering of the ferroelectric properties in perovskite materials in 1940-1950, ferroelectric-based random-access memory (FeRAM) (1952) Read More..

William Courbat

InisituiSEM Electrical Failure Analysis: Challenges and Workflow Optimization strategies for data acquisition (Part I)

Imina Technologies, Switzerland

Density and complexity of VLSI circuits keep increasing. Read More..