Guidelines for Oral Presentation

Guidelines for Oral Presentation

For Oral presentations, your PowerPoint presentation must be uploaded to the IPFA Submission site.

Important Dates

See the Author timeline for important dates regarding manuscript and platform submissions, as well as author registration. These dates are critical to successfully present your work at IPFA 2023.

Detailed instructions for Oral Presentations (read below):

Please make sure that your power point slide is clear and readable. We accept two formats for presentation : PDF and PPT/PPTX. You can use one of the templates below :

Standards & Templates

Duration of presentation (including Q&A)

  • Invited Talk: 30 minutes
  • Normal Talk: 20 minutes

This Symposium poses a unique challenge because we typically project to a large audience and we need to keep the house lights bright enough for everyone to take notes. A visual that is adequate for a group of 10 to 20 people may not be adequate for a large audience. Therefore, the visual quality of your presentation is critical and is a key element to the success of your paper. Please follow the A/V standards carefully.